Ashkan Blog Post 5 Skill Assignment 5

For this assignment I chose to focus on finding my 19 types  of places on California  in Oakland and Los Angeles. These two cities are two of California biggest cities that holds a lot of people including African

Los Angeles Points
Oakland points
Description of each name for its color
2nd part of all names and information regarding my places

Americans.  It’s a known blue state so its political views shift towards liberalism. Jim Crow laws really were  not that know in liberal states compared down to the republican states of the south. That does not mean however blacks had popular spots to hang out associate at. The book included places to put into my map such as.  Hotels, taverns, service stations, tourist homes, liquor stores/bars. These were just the places I included for Los Angeles and Oakland for my own project . There is so much more types of places throughout the country hosted African Americans there’s too many to name. The Nergo Motorist Green- Book provides all of the places throughout the country and it is a good book recommend to dive into the history of African Americans.


For my map all my points were all cluster together east part of LA by Long Beach not spread out whatsoever. Having two cities was the only thing that separated points. You can see in the above screenshots or wherever you see it. With all points being so clustered together it shows how connected all these places for African American socialization and hangout places or places to live make a living. A lot of relationships were formed most likely through the connection of having all these street addresses close to each other. A pattern I see is most of my points are all right on top of each other for most of my points in Los Angeles. For Oakland which is near San Francisco all of my points are mostly on top of each other meaning these streets are close to each other. As a result community could have been formed. Each point you click on  individually you could see the information present the type, name address, longitude latitude and city and explore where that was in Los Angeles or Oakland.  I think what you can learn and what  helps answer the question is that. Black communities are always close together and always keeping each other the loop to help provide better livings for each other with Jim Crow not being a factor out West.


However When I looked at redlining map for this project I found out some new things. Most of LA really is more either dangerous or hazard   area and declining area. LA has been given the reputation of not being the best place to live now. Back then the 1940s population was still growing.  Businesses were starting to  take over where my points were clustered. There was still a big influence of African American living all over  LA.  According to the map 46% yellow 22% the red 20% the blue 12% the green. Each area has good description of the ever changing city.  However compared to most cities there is a lot of yellow and red areas where my points were located. They big in depth and take up most of Los Angeles. One part district 52 itself is referred to the melting pot of Los Angeles making up two thirds negro population in this part of Los Angeles.

Oakland my 2nd city has34% the yellow 27% the red 23% the blue and 15% the green. Its more balanced spread out diverse. My points are more towards the red and yellow areas which are massive in size. It is similar to Los Angeles which tells me this could be a common trend in California as.  California  is always an evolving state population is always growing especially around this time period

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