Ashkan Skill Assignment 6

Ashkan Motamedi Blog Post Skill Assignment 6


Text analysis is tricky to read reading comprehension was never a great skill of mine. In text analysis you  need to read every line carefully one misread sentence could result in valuable information lost to use. That is the bottom line with analyzing text analysis you need to find the most important information and then analyze how that relates to the question or topic. For this topic there is a lot of information to analyze about women during the progressive era.

Woman during the progressive era did not stand around and play the waiting game. They went out and fought for change in many different ways to change their cities for the better for everyone. This included project changes and many different rights in a time period of change were women were starting to get their agenda out there. Examples throughout role of women in remaking the city in the Progressive Era and Flannagan’s article.


Woman were getting involved in various reform activities throughout major cities in the United States. This includes the city of Chicago an old city worn down not paid attention to by law makers. In Flangan’s article Chicago was the major topic with the entire city  a mess. Examples from Flangan’s  article  include the streets and sidewalks in Chicago were in constant disrepair condition. The public utilities provided abysmal service. The sewer and garbage collection and disposal systems could not handle the volume of waste produced the public school system was overcrowded, understaffed, and underfunded. polluted was a problem in the  air and ground. large  amount of the population lived in crowded, unsanitary tenement houses that flourished in the face of minimal building regulations; and the city’s police force neither controlled crime nor kept the peace from criminals and gangs such as Al Capone.


The Woman’s City Club was the one who went to solve these issues since the city government  and officials would not. The government had no power the people who were in office only gave services to those who voted for them. The City Club had a lot of members who were looking for change. All these examples listed are a good example for analyzing historical text analysis which our important for how we look at history. Each line lists important information on what it was like to live in Chicago as a man or woman. Through close reading  you are able to tell  and visualization of Chicago in the early 1900s how some of those elements are different today. Through these texts we know that woman were basically running the reform in Chicago basically running the city taking in people who needed their help. Through sites such as  Voyant you are able to tell the correlation each important part of data has to your topic. Certain words have a positive or negative significance which tells you how often a word can appear in your readings meaning the importance. An example would be City Club or Chicago arguably the two most mention words would have a big value of significance. Another would be state or roads if you are talking about highways. The screenshots bellows give two examples from Voyant how this process works and how in close reading you can find how often these terms are used when preforming analysis or reading comprehension.




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