SPMT week 6 Blog Post 1 : NFL QB ranking scale

Ranking the QB the NFL


In my rankings of NFL QB I judge them from the following scale elite, great, good, average and bust and this list contains starters only with the only expectation being Nick Foles. The scale is judged by overall body of work such  record in both a season and in big games their  performance and stats, other factors clutch drives and throws  and health and experience overall and other minor factors


The following QB are elite in no order

Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Aaron Rodgers

Ben Rothlisbeger

Russel Wilson

Patrick Mahomes

Matt Ryan

Andrew Luck



Jared Goff

Phillip Rivers

Carson Wentz

Desean Watson

Cam Newton




Jimmy Grappolo

Matthew Stafford

Baker Mayfield

Kirk Cosuins

Sam Darnold

Andy Dalton

Mitchell Trubisky

Nick Foles




Marcus Mariota

Lamar Jackson

Dak Prescott

Alex Smith

Josh Rosen

Josh Allen

Joe Flacco

Case Keenum

Eli Manning



Derek Carr

Blake Bortles

Jameis Winston

Ryan Tannehill


Its simple in the elite category these are the QB   who are the class of the league who either won MVP or put up big time stats  won big games stayed heathy and can carry their teams and win games for them when they need them most


In the great category these QB are close to being elite but not quiet there such there for certain reasons   in Wentz Newton case it’s the  ability to stay healthy for their teams. Yes  Andrew Luck was hurt but came back and perform at an elite level won a playoff game without taking sacks for a couple of games.


In the good category  these QB are on and off where they show flashes off their potential and put up the stats but simply have not won the big game or cannot carry their teams yet in Kirk Cousins and Andy Dalton  case both have put up big stats but have sub par records against teams above 500


The average category- these QB do  not put up big numbers or stats and performances do not light it up sometimes have to rely on others to help bring in wins such as the defense or simply are a disappointment  – In Dak case he is average QB who without his run game or defense has shown to be exposed – For Lamar Jackson he has not shown his ability to throw from the pocket which makes him average my mind. The rookies who are bot yet busts but did not light it up their rookie years get put in  here as well


The bust category   – Its simple this category is for the QB who are either busts or ready to be cut or are in trouble of being cut and will have to sign with a new team that are young QB simply not good NFL QB.









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