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A10 race getting close to March


With 2 weeks to go the A10 race is for the double bye is close. Between the 3rd and 6th seed 4 teams are in contention for the last two double bye spots for the A10 tournament. Dayton has a game up on George Mason, Duquesne, and Saint Bonaventure who are tied at 9-5 with Saint Bonaventure owning the tiebreaker.  Each teams have four games remaining and George Mason has the easiest path left. With a win against Richmond and Saint Bonaventure win against Duquesne George Mason would regain the 4 spot in the A10 standings. Saint Bonaventure is playing their best basketball of the season heading into March. George Mason is coming off a heartbreaking loss to Duquesne who now owns the head to head tiebreaker against George Mason. VCU and Davidson have all but lock up double bye positions but the race for the 1 seed regular season title remains. Davidson owns the head to head tiebreaker over VCU so if they finished with the same conference the title would go to Davidson. If George Mason Dayton win out rest of the regular season they would clinch top double bye positions no matter what other 2 teams behind them did. Importance of  a double bye is crucial as you only have to play 3 games in 3 days instead of 4 in four days. History is on the side of a top 4 team having a chance at winning the A10 tournament. It is going to come down the last set of games to decided seeding for the A10 tournament. Anyone could win this conference it is about getting hot at the right time. It should be a fun two weeks

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