SPMT 430 Week 8 Blog Post 2: Review of the Washington Wizards

Review on the Washington Wizards Blog Post


Oh the Washington Wizards you never fail to amaze me mediocre during my lifetime out of the big four sports  in DC you are the most irrelevant to DC fans always being in the bottom of the league in attendance. It’s a good thing the fans do not show up because its ridiculous how nothing is changing and it starts with GM Ernie Grunfeld who has been around since 2003. The Wizards have never made the Eastern Conference Finals since 2003 every GM who is still around since 2003 with their teams have won a championship. Despite having talented backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal the Wizards have done no better than a 4 seed and the 2nd round of the playoffs. Passing up on the likes of Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green etc. for busts the Wizards put themselves in a hole a hole created by Ernie Grunfeld. The Wizards who traded away role players of Otto Porter, Kelly Obure, Markieff Morris for rental players and cap space. All of this was because of bad moves made by Ernie Grunfeld and now the Wizards are once again back in the draft lottery. Yet their owner Ted Leonsis who also owns the Washington Capitals is satisfied  with his GM performance.  The worst part is the Ted Leonsis said with the playoffs out of reach and saying the goals were eastern conference finals then suddenly just to make the playoffs. Today after losing to the Heat ( they don’t want to admit it but the Wizards are tanking and are pretty bad at it and the reason why I’m making this blog is Ted Leonsis said let’s see what the Wizards do out west. First off earlier this season he said to be patience just like with the Capitals there is one problem with that they are a hockey team that plan won’t work for the Wizards. He has no future for this franchise and ignores his frustrated fanbase to the point where DC United who went out got a star player in Wayne Rooney is now about to pass them in popularity. It is really embarrassing that last season the Wizards had a chance to get a franchise player to help Wall and Beal and drafted Troy Brown Jr who is not just playing. Scott Brooks can develop players but he does it in a way that does not signal win now mode  he is an X and Os coach. Which is important with John Wall out for the year and in the future and the Wizards just simply not playing Wizards basketball. With another rebuild on the horizon there is only one way for the Wizards to  turn back into contenders in the East firing Ernie Grunfeld and his staff. It is time for a change bring in someone young and refreshing who can rebuild this roster around Wall and Beal the right way which should have been the first rebuild. Bring in the right coach and attract free agents to come play in DC and that needs to be done in the offseason. If Ernie Grunfeld sticks around the Wizards have no hope. Its time for Ted Leonsis to start caring about his basketball team and to stop acting like a dude who does not want to move one from an old toy. The NBA is changing and Grunfeld is out of touch and the Wizards fanbase is sick of him come the day after the Wizards last game if Ernie Grunfeld is given another extension and waste another first round pick then stick a fork  in the Wizards and go support other teams. We are the laughing stock of the NBA and I’m sick of it John Wall Bradley Beal deserve better than this don’t mess this up Ted before its too late the clock is ticking on the Wizards and soon your fan base will stop showing up and will force your hand teams are getting better by tanking while we are getting worse and older but that is the Wizards standard now under Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld mediocre after yet another less then 50 win season. This season was an utter disaster from the first game till today I’m curious to see how much Mr. Leonsis truly cares for his basketball team to fix it if he doesn’t then sell it to someone who will this is not hockey Ted figure it out spoiler alert I’m not NBA expert but it starts at the GM position it’s a good place to start.My review of the Wizards is simply a F its just embarrassing  to watch at this point.

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