SPMT 430 Blog week 9 Why the Nationals need Kimbrel

The Nationals need Kimbrel


Even though its April now with the  Nationals next game their bullpen so far has been below average and I’m not joking. They finally addressed it by getting some new relievers in Trevor Rosenthal  who is coming off Tommy John Surgery and is a hard thrower and Kyle Barraclough to be the 7th and 8th guys in front of All-Star Closer Sean Doolittle. Only problem is they have struggled first 3 games with Trevor Rosenthal not even recording on out two appearance and having an infinity ERA. Tony Sipp the lefty specialist brought in to face the likes of Robinson Cano and Bryce Harper well has a 13.00 ERA. Rest of the bullpen are from last year with the likes of Matt Grace and Justin Miller. The matter of fact is it’s too early to panic but this bullpen needs to deliver and protect leads and put away batters with two strikes they are not executing and its costing the Nationals chances to win. I do have one solution I beg Mike Rizzo to go to ownership and do this. Sign Craig Kimbrel an All-Star world series winning closer with a career 1.91 ERA  coming off 42 save season with the Red Sox is  still a free agent. Along with Sean Doolittle  they would be up there for best setup closer duo in baseball. Only problem is the Nationals have stated they do not want to go above the luxury tax. Looks that is their money but if they want to reach their goals they need to do what they did in December sign Craig Kimbrel. The ownership isn’t getting any younger and Davey Martinez has a lot of pressure on him and he cannot keep sending guys out there who will not get the job done. He needs help it’s a team effort to win baseball games and part of the team letting their skipper down. In the NBA teams go above the luxury tax to compete for championships I understand the penalty but its go time. You cannot let another contender sign him Sean Doolittle needs help in front of him. He was brought in for a 5 out save in the 3rd game of the season that is unacceptable. I’m sure the bullpen will get better as the season goes on but a quick fix is giving Craig Kimbrel a call Mike Rizzo

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