Skill Assignment 8

For skill assignment 1 felt like the same to skill assignment 2  I  focused on propaganda during World War 1 and found that I learned about how propaganda help push progressive non war issues. I also learn how important primary sources can be to digital history as much information of primary sources that date back to that time period are found on the  internet for people to have open access to something I found very useful.—ashkan-motamedi-com-the

For skill Assignment 2 I did the topic World War 1 a topic not often talked about for the progressive era. What I learn from it regarding the Progressive Era was how propaganda was used to push progressive agenda for both non war and war agendas. When I was research this topic I saw a lot of this being the case I learn a lot of non war movements such as labor and social. I learn how to create an exhibit as well as Omeka was a very good resource to use digital history.


For Skill Assignment 3 was the timeline there was no post for it but overall it taught me a lot of important events of when the progressive era started and when it ended. My timeline ranged from 1880s to 1920 which in my mind was the correct era for progressive movement. I learn a couple of new events and learned the impact of such events in certain areas of reforms and also incorporated my knowledge of the progressive movement as well. As for Digital History I learn how useful of a tool timelines can be for history projects and how to organize them better there is a lot of good dates out there that can be used.



For this blog post focus was on skill assignment four  which took a lot of teamwork from me and my group members. I learned a lot about women protests and marches in the Progressive era  and learned about new leaders as well who help lead the reforms for women. Through Proquest there was a lot of information out there about women organization in marches and protest earn reforms right to vote major US cities. I also learned about how to use a database and organize it this was my 2nd favorite skills assignment.


Los Angeles Points
Oakland points
Description of each name for its color
2nd part of all names and information regarding my places…ill-assignment-5/


For skill assignment five if there is one thing it taught me it was progressive roots went as far as Los Angeles and Oakland. I always thought Jim Crow was always down south towards the southern states but it was amazing to me the amount of all black historical sites were in California. This tool was a hard tool to use as well and this skill assignment was frustrating to put in the correct data coordinates and to make sure the screenshots looked good. This assignment also taught me how to use Kepler to dig into Jim Crow era and how to map way points something I plan to use the future.


For skill assignment 6 was a good assignment as it went up my weakness of text analysis and reading comprehension of women in the progressive era. This was a big topic and it had a lot of data with women trying to fix their cities. Chicago was one of the US biggest cities and what I learned was how women who all over the country were working on progressive reform. The women in Chicago made it their job to make their city better and I learned how much women reformed and put pressure for change  not only Chicago but the rest of the US.  I still think Voyant was a fun tool text mining important aspect digital history to use in going through texts throughout history i will use this teaching in the future .



Graph 1
Graph 2

This blog post was for skill assignment 7 an assignment about data immigration and using the tool Plotly.  This assignment took me how immigration growth progressive migration that took place in mostly every state US people looked for new lives and job this era provided for them. Each decade one state population went up as for digital history I learned how to set up graphs properly on Plotly and i believe immigration will always have a big role digital history . ‎

For my secondary sources I approached it the same as my primary sources as I learned a lot of how important propaganda was to the progressive era. I learned children were involved in getting involved and the focus on families and women as well. Reforms still took place as progressive issues were featured during the war including labor and social as the progressive era was reaching its end. Like primary sources I believe  secondary sources are important to digital history and to history in general as you have someone interpreting  digital history adding information that did not come out during that time period.


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