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Digital security is an underrated topic that is never talked about in the United States. How many times have we seen someone of an important figure to your best friend being hacked and important private information or embarrassment being leaked online. As for my digital life I like to use passwords I can remember and are comfortable with. My life has been pretty secure there was one time where I filed for fraud on my first credit card but it had very little money the first place and it was a website who was using my card not a person. My dad and mom have also filed for fraud before it usually happens to everyone their life.  As for who as access to my information my family and close friends do nobody else who I don’t trust gets my information.

            I have never been hacked before in my life on any digital social media account or video game account I am blessed to say that hopefully that trend continues. I think people who try ruin other people lives are awful human beings. So you really have to be careful on what websites you go on and what emails you respond too. I’m as careful as it gets because there is always that rumor you are always being watched.

            I feel like the government has access to all my information but there’s nothing on there that is worth their time. Trump is now sending alert texts to everyone who has a phone the UnitedStates. With a snap of his fingers like a certain Avengers villain the government could have everything they need on me on their disks. I also feel like you are private life like sexual or just doing personal things. Hackers and government could always be watching getting their hands that information without you noticing. Government would see I’m a good person who is careful about what he posts. My texts sometimes like most people are stuff government should know aren’t PG as a guy who talks sports there is  a lot of arguing.My message to hackers is my stuff isn’t what you want and is not worth your time and that I keep my passwords and information on lockdown and always on top of  my game.  I think government surveillance significance needs to be focused on important domestic matters such as targets or threats in order to protect people. I think spying on good citizens is the waste of time and money. If the government feels as if someone is guilty of a crime they have the right to use their resources to investigate.

            My digital security is already pretty good but I think maybe if I keep my passwords to myself write them down and to trust everything I do I’ll be fine. What I need to do set up where I get texts about my transactions so I know  when money is being used or taken out my account to make sure it’s either me or someone my family. I want to make sure I’m always aware of everything at all times as I do not want anything to happen to my accounts or my information to get out there.     

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