NBA Free Agency Predictions

NBA Free Agency Predictions

One of the wildest days in sports is upon us in NBA Free Agency. In this post I predict where the big free agents will head too along with the other teams in play and a sleeper team. Buckle up for a wild free agency when it feels like half the league are free agents. The landscape of the NBA is  about to change in the next week.


Kevin Durant – prediction Warriors

Other teams – Knicks, Nets

Sleeper team – Clippers

Well Kevin Durant Achilles injury changed things a lot for the landscape of the NBA.  Now teams will offer a max contract to a player who will not play for a whole year. The Warriors and the Nets lead this race with the Knicks holding out a glimmer of hope. The Clipper have Jerry West and dream of a Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant paring. In the end I believe money talks and the Warriors can offer $50 million more than any other team in the race for Durant. I’ll go bold and say Durant stays with the Warriors but I could very well be wrong on this one as well.


Kawhi Leonard-  prediction Raptors

Other teams -Clippers, Lakers

Sleeper team -76ers if any

The biggest free agent out there and his decision could change the NBA landscape. This was a tough once to decide as it is very close. The Raptors are the current team with a championship core and just off a NBA championship. It is no question that it is Leonard team and they have the final meeting with Leonard to give him the last pitch. The Clippers have been gearing up for this since they hired Jerry West. Oh did I mention they have Jerry West the greatest recruiter in NBA history. The Lakers are making a late push to secure Leonard and are bringing in Magic Johnson as secret weapon. If the 76ers get desperate they may try and have a very little chance of getting a meeting and landing Leonard. However that is only if anything goes wrong in free agency for them which will not happen.


Klay Thompson – prediction Warriors

Other teams -none

Sleeper team -none

Done deal here Klay Thompson will return to the Warriors. The terms will be on a max deal of five years $190 million.


Kemba Walker – Celtics

Other teams -Hornets, Lakers

Sleeper team -none

Pretty much a done deal at this point. Once free agency starts Kemba Walker will be heading to Boston.


Kyrie Irving  -prediction Nets

Other teams -Lakers, Knicks

Sleeper team -none

Irving has his mind set on the Nets. The poor Knicks once has the vision of getting Zion Williamson, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. In the end they will miss out on all three. If the Nets do not somehow get Irving then the Lakers is the next team in line.


Jimmy Butler – prediction 76ers

Other teams -Lakers, Rockets

Sleeper -none

Unless the Rockets come in and do the sign and trade and move pieces. All signs point to Butler returning to the 76ers on a max deal to keep their core together.


Khris Middleton  prediction Bucks

Other teams- none

Sleeper team- none

Easy one here Middleton will return to the Bucks on a five year offer of an undisclosed amount.


Tobias Harris -prediction 76ers

Other teams -Nuggets, Nets, Mavericks ,Knicks

Sleeper team -Pacers

The 76ers want to retain their core and contend for a championship. They believe Harris will return on a deal to Philadelphia. There is no much information on teams out there who are after Harris. The Nuggets just picked up Paul Millsap option but expect them to express interest along with the Nets Mavericks and Knicks. A sleeper team will be the Pacers who are looking for scoring


Demarcus Cousins -prediction Knicks

Other teams Warriors, Clippers

Sleeper team – Lakers

The Knicks backup plan is Cousins if they cannot land a big free agent. Knowing the Knicks they will overpay Cousins. While the Lakers ,Warriors and Clippers will only offer one year deals. In the end Cousins probably takes the most money.


DeAngelo Russell- prediction  Lakers

Other teams – Nets , Jazz, Pacers Wolves

Sleeper team -Suns

The Nets have given Russell a qualifying offer to match any offer Russell signs. The Lakers have Russell as their 2nd priority outside of Leonard. Russell has a meeting scheduled with  the Wolves as well. The Pacers have interest and the Nets emergency plan is Russell. Watch out for the Suns as a sleeper team as well. However the Lakers will give Russell the money he wants in his return to Los Angeles.


Kristaps Porzingis- prediction Mavericks

Other teams -none

Sleeper team -none

No brainer here both sides are working towards a five year $158 million dollar deal.


Al Horford -prediction Pelicans

Other teams -Clippers, Mavericks

Sleeper teams -Kings, Hawks

A surprise addition to free agency. Horford market will be big as many teams will be interested.  The Pelicans are a late team to the race and are worried about possibly being outbid by other teams. However with the Pelicans being such a good fit and Horford following Pelicans players on Instagram. If Horford takes the money then expect the Mavericks , Clippers or Kings to pay up a big pay day for Horford. I put the Hawks as a sleeper team just in case Horford wanted to go home and play with that young core but that is doubtful.


Nikola Vucevic-  prediction Magic

Other teams -none

Sleeper team -none

No brainer for this one  it is a lock. Vucevic will take around a four year $90 million deal to come back to the Magic.


Patrick Beverly -prediction Mavericks

Other teams -Clippers Lakers Bulls

Sleeper team -76ers

Beverly is a tier two free agent and will be sought out by multiple teams. Beverly is reportedly wanting three years $40 million for a potential contract.  Mavericks are the favorites  in my mind to land Beverley on a deal.  His agent also represents Luka Doncic and may want the two paired together. Therefore I believe Mavericks will sign Beverly as his asking price is too high for the Lakers and Clippers  to match. The Bulls may go down a different cheaper route and the 76ers will only entertain this as a emergency backup plan.


DeAndre Jordan- prediction Nets

Other teams -Lakers, Knicks Rockets

Sleeper team -Kings

The Nets want to bring Durant to Brooklyn and signing DeAndre Jordan his best friend is a piece to try accomplish that. We have seen DeAndre Jordan be in the  news in free agency in the past. A big splash would be signing with the Nets. However other teams include the Lakers who need role players alongside Lebron James and Anthony Davis. The Knicks who are going after a big man like Jordan. The Rockets may be looking for a replacement for Clint Capela to get Jimmy Bulter and Jordan fits that profile. The Rockets are reportedly very interested in Jordan as well. My sleeper team is the Kings who are looking at the center market with great interest.


Danny Green -prediction Raptors

Other teams -Lakers, Clippers

Sleeper team -76ers


I’ll put it like this Danny Green wants to be paid. However I truly  believe Green goes wherever Leonard wants to go and both are welcomed back and resign with the Raptors.  The Lakers and Clippers will both go after Green. In the Lakers case it will be if they cannot sign a max player as a key role player. For the Clippers it be as a package with Leonard. 76ers are a sleeper because if JJ Reddick leaves Green would be the perfect replacement.


JJ Reddick -prediction 76ers

Other teams- Lakers

Sleeper team- none

In the end I feel as if JJ Reddick wants to stay and finish his career with the 76ers. Reddick said that himself in his exit interview back in May. Both sides are motivated to get a deal done and the 76ers want to keep the core together. Therefore I see Reddick staying with the 76ers. His market is quiet so predicting other teams was tough. If somehow he leaves for another team I think the Lakers would be that team.


Malcom Brogdon – prediction Bucks

Other teams -Bulls, Suns

Sleeper team -none


Somebody is going to pay Brogdon a lot of money. They will also force the Bucks hand to match and keep their core together for another championship push. So in the end I believe the Bucks will retain Brogdon matching any offer sheet.


Brook Lopez prediction -Bucks

Other teams -Lakers, Clippers, Rockets

Sleeper team -Kings


I have read reports that the Bucks and Lopez are motivated to get a deal done. It will not be easy however as many teams are keeping an eye on Lopez and have interest and have more cap space then the Bucks. Who are flirting with the luxury tax themselves. In the end I believe the Bucks keep Lopez but expect a push by teams such as the Lakers, Kings, Clippers and Rockets. If they want a great role player who can perform in the playoffs.


Bojan Bogdanovic -prediction Pacers

Other teams -Spurs, Lakers, Clippers

Sleeper team -none

According to league sources Bogdanovic is the Indiana’s to lose in free agency. I believe the Pacers keep Bogdanovic to help keep shooting around star Victor Oladipo.


Derrick Rose prediction- Pistons

Other teams -Bulls, Lakers, Wolves

Sleeper team -Suns


My mind is set on a Derrick Rose reunion in Chicago to mentor Coby White. However  the Pistons are now the frontrunner to sign Rose to a deal. it is possible the Lakers try and bring Rose aboard to replace Rajon Rondo and Lonzo Ball for a cheap deal as well. The Wolves would be a last resort and the Suns will have some interest to fill a need. Really want Derrick Rose going back to Chicago.


Julius Randle prediction – Bulls

Other teams -Knicks, Nets

Sleeper team -none

Three teams are in the running for Randle with the Bulls having the most interest. Therefore I will go with the Bulls as a landing spot for Randle. Knicks and Nets will make a push and maybe a mystery team will join the race perhaps?


Terry Rozier prediction  -Knicks

Other teams -Hornets, Celtic

Sleeper team- none

Rozier loves those big markets and both the Knicks and Rozier have mutual interest in a deal. I have to put the Celtics on this list because they have Rozier rights. However once they rescinded his rights they will be out of the picture. The Hornets also have interest as well in signing Rozier and will be in the picture.

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