UConn back in the Big East Good move or Bad?

UConn back in the Big East Good move or Bad?

Well the latest rumor in college sports these days is UConn leaving the American Athletic Conference for the Big East. I give my thoughts whether this is a bad move or a good move for UConn.


The good reasons


It is really simple here, recruits would be more attracted to Big East schools over AAC schools for basketball. The Big East is one of the more competitive conferences in college basketball. With Dan Hurley trying to rebuild UConn back to being a national power being in the Big East can help bring five star recruits in. Also the opportunity to play at Madison Square Garden can also drive a recruit onto UConn campus with a letter of intent signed.




A move back to the Big East brings back some old rivalries for UConn. St John’s, Villanova, Georgetown, Providence and Seton Hall all return to the schedule for UConn. These games will have that good old Big East feeling for UConn playing against their old rivals. The most important part of these rivalries is that. It generates hype and talk among the fan bases which brings people to games.



It is simple really, being in the Big East is more geographically fit for UConn then the AAC. Instead of traveling to the University of Central Florida and South Florida. UConn would travel to much closer locations such as Seton Hall and Providence.


Better competition

Really simple Big East is a better conference then the AAC. UConn strength of schedule will go up and brings the opportunity to have a better resume come March. The only good programs in the AAC last season were Houston, Cincinnati, UCF and now Memphis. It’s a very top heavy conference where the Big East is more wide open. It will help make UConn know where they are at basketball wise come the tournament. Oh also the UConn women’s team never lost a conference game in the AAC. I would assume the Big East will offer them more tough competition because that’s absurd.



Really simple here UConn would make more profit playing in the Big East then the AAC.  Fox Sports TV deal talks compared to what the AAC had.


Its Home

UConn and Big East are linked together with the history they went through. It’s a match made in heaven and it’s like a couple getting back together after a long breakup.


Other Sports

It seems like other sports will join basketball in the Big East. Meaning hopefully no programs get cut for this move.


Bad Reasons


The Big East does not have a football conference. The AAC told UConn to find a new conference for football. That means the program is now in danger of folding if it does not find a new home.  I’ll put it like this UConn football is a joke and at rock bottom.  UConn will lose money and a TV deal and chances to get into decent bowls. UConn will have no choice but to either go to a conference like Conference USA or go independent. Either way UConn move to the Big East effects the football program and those who are involved with in big time in a negative way.



It will reportedly cost UConn 12 million to leave the AAC for the Big East. That is a big fee to pay and will have an impact somewhere for UConn. Whether it be for athletics or academics for students. UConn leadership better explain this well to the boosters, taxpayers and its students why this is a good move. UConn is hoping the Big East can help with its financial issues



UConn still has to play in the AAC for at least one more year which makes things awkward.  It will also take time to transition to the Big East and get used to playing in that conference once again. However that is the same for any teams that joins a new conference. UConn will most likely have a plan in place.


Overall the pros/good outweighs the cons/bad for UConn move to the Big East. There are not a lot of bad reasons  for a move to the Big East. So minus the football program UConn will benefit from a move back to the Big East and many ways that I listed above. I believe Dan Hurley will turn UConn around and this move will help that a lot. Welcome back to the Big East UConn in 2021!


In conclusion it’s a good move.

By Ashkan Motamedi








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