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For my website i decided what fit me the most was  a more business focused theme under appearance. I’m a hard worker 24/7 always getting my work done no matter how hard the task or sleepless nights it takes. When i was looking through the various backgrounds and themes on the appearance page i noticed one that fit me perfectly. The all blue business theme with the blue suit and the iPad with the world right behind it. This as close as a theme that will get to my dreams and aspirations i have in my life to be as successful as possible where it feels like I’m on top of the world. I do also like to dress up a lot show off  in the fanciest of suits. Throughout this semester i will continue to update my blog to match my personality a hard working,passionate and inspiration man who never gives up on anything.

How i want to approach a digital identity of myself for  people to see me who i really am is simple. When they look me up on the internet or do a background check on me i want them to see the true me the hardworking, inspirational, loyal person and have the attitude wherever i work or go I’m going to make that place more successful  before i walked in. I also want to put my mark on this world change people lives be successful. In order to do that i need to stay out and avoid trouble keep my social media clean. I use a lot of social media such as Twitter, Facebook you name it. So the last thing i want it one of my old tweets popping up on the internet like whats happened to so many people. I also need to have responsibility in making sure i do things myself  and get my name out there through connections and networking have good recommendations from people i know that will show up online.

I would also want my accomplishments in my life so far such as the Washington Post article featured on me to be there as well. In conclusion i want everything good about me to show up online on any search engine to show future employers that they are getting a rare special gem who will do his job right because one day i could be a writer meaning my articles will just be a simple search away that comes with the responsibility to protect my image.


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