Why Duke Will not Win it all SPMT Blog Post 2 Week 7

The bracket is out and March Madness begins and the story is really Duke it feels like this time I expect from non UVA UNC fans Duke will be the overwhelming favorite in everyone brackets why because of Zion Williamson. Duke has lost one game where Zion Williamson played the full game. Do not get me wrong Duke will go far in my bracket but the final four where they will stop . It is simple you have the best talent in the country but March Madness is unpredictable and when you do not have depth like Duke if foul trouble or an injury happens they will be in trouble. If one of their starts is off shooting just like the Gonzaga Syracuse game it will be a tough path for Duke to win it all. Backcourt and experience wins championships  a strong thing from experience is  dealing  with the adversity Duke has a good backcourt and has had its fair share of adversity this season but they are young and inexperienced it could come back to bite them vs a well-coached veteran team like a Michigan State or Gonzaga. Another reason is shooting I’ll just put it like this Duke is awful at shooting threes and they get most of their hay at the rim or in the paint. Villanova and UNC won the national championships last two years both teams had good three point shooters stats wise were a good three point % team.  Duke takes a lot of  them and well they miss a lot and really it usually is not a good formula to win the tournament. The whole defense wins championships narratives does not exist in college basketball shooting does. It is really simple Duke talent can win it all alone nobody else has a freak in Zion Williamson but  Duke needs productive minutes from its bench like they did in the UNC  game ACC tournament to take heat off of Zion and RJ Barret and they need Cam Reddish to do what he does best shoot if he makes his threes Duke will be hard to beat however I cannot trust a team that has no depth and cannot shot and no experience to  simply win it all in March despite all its talent so I’m suggesting to pick Gonzaga or UNC instead but Zion Williamson can prove me wrong of course.


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