SPMT week 14 Blog Post 2: Redskins Draft

Let’s take a look at the Redskins Draft



The Redskins stood their ground and had one of their best drafts in a while. On paper it is an A+ draft and some players will contribute right away. I’m going to take a look at each pick and think how they will contribute to the Redskins.


Round 1 Dwayne Haskins

He fell right into the Redskins lap and boy am I happy. He may need a year off to learn under Case Keenum and an injured Alex Smith how to be a QB the NFL. Haskins will bring stability to the Redskins quarterback position. A leader and commander of the line of scrimmage, Haskins has a composure of a franchise quarterback. He brings accuracy, and awareness of reading defenses to the Redskins. Haskins takes care of the ball and has a cannon of the arm something the Redskins need at that position. He is the best quarterback in this draft class and will bring the fire into the locker room. Only weakness you can see is his athleticism. Jay Gruden has always wanted a quarterback who can extend plays. Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Case Keenum, RG3, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins.  These are all quarterbacks who can extend plays and can move the pocket on play actions. Haskins is not mobile and is a pure pocket passer. Jay Gruden will have to make adjustments and fit his system to Haskins or he might be out of  a job. Overall Haskins will be the Skins franchise quarterback for years to come and will be a great NFL quarterback.

Round 1 Montez Sweat

Traded only one pick realistically for him in a 2020 2nd rounder. Just watch his senior bowl tape to see how much of a force and freak  he is at pass rushing. He can win one on ones Sweat will be another piece in the underrated Redskins front 7. Paring him with Ryan Kerrigan puts a fierce long term duo.  That 40 time talks a lot you cannot teach speed and Sweat will be all over the field in pursuit off the run. The only non-talent concern is his heart condition. The Redskins doctors believe he is good to good. With Ryan Anderson fitting into the rotation Redskins are solid at the outside linebacker position.


Round 3   Terry McLaurin

This is a great pick simply because the Redskins believe he is a locker room guy. His presence alone will have an impact on the wide receivers. Him and Haskins already have chemistry and he ran a 4.3 at the combine. I have seen some comparisons to Desean Jackson because of his speed. His route running is so much more pure. He can play inside, outside  and the slot has potential to start from day 1. Oh last put not least he’s tough to break tackles and has great hands not much weakness I see on his tape.


Round 4 Bryce Love

This was the most surprising pick and risky pick. Love is coming off an ACL injury and his stock fell as a result. With a crowded backfield one wonders where Love will fit. It seems he will start on the PUP list and year 1 will be a project year to get his speed back. This pick can either be a bust or a home run pick which 4th round picks are sometimes designed to be. With Adrian Peterson being old and Chris Thompson contract expiring soon. The plan I believe is for Bryce Love to take over Chris Thompson role. Either way with a little work on his vision and getting his strength and speed back he could be a threat and weapon for the Skins.

Round 4 Wes Martin

This is your starting left guard right here. He is not a big name but oh boy is he a big boy with 38 reps on the bench reps. He has great feet and fundamentals as a blocker. He has good hands as well based on the film I have seen. He is not very athletic however so pulling and being able to get to the next level will be one to watch. Overall he is solid guard and could be the answer at left guard for the Redskins.


Round 5 Ross Pierschbacher

This is a depth and versatile pick in my mind. He talked about being able to play guard as well to go along with playing center. An Alabama pickup joins his fellow alumni already on the Skins. He is 305 better athlete then Martin but will not start right away will provide depth for the Skins. He is simply a development project to possibly step in and start later his career.


Round 5 Cole Holcomb

Fast East to West linebacker who can provide depth at the middle linebacker position. I believe he will be a rotational linebacker and can be an impact on special teams with his speed. He needs to work however on hitting his gaps and getting off blocks. However outside the tackles his speed comes into play. He is almost what Zach Brown was to the skins only he is better in coverage can run up the seams. Solid 5th round pick up here and will have a role on the team.


Round 6 Kelvin Harmon

One of the steals of the draft. I have no clue how he fell down to the 6th round when he was a 3rd 4th round talent. He is a big body wide receiver who goes up and grabs it fighting off defenders. He can be of use as a backup potential replacement to Josh Doctson. He is not fast but has good hands and can track down balls and win them. His route running can improve its not bad but his ability to go up and get can fix that. Overall this a good risk reward pick in round 6 and I feel he will be a talented wide receiver for the Redskins.


Round 7 Jimmy Moreland

The Bruce Allen special corners getting picked in round 7. Moreland will 100% compete for a spot on the 53 man roster. The Redskins are deep at corner but Moreland has a  lot to offer. He is more of a slot corner which the Skins can use. He can press and is physical off the line breaking wide receivers off their routes. He record 18 interceptions in college so he can make plays when need be. He lacks a frame however will need to hit the weight room. He has a chance like I said to make the roster and compete his ass off to get playing time it’s a low risk pick here.


Round 7 Jordan Brailford

A defensive end who will play outside linebacker in the Redskins 3-4 scheme.  He can play defensive end ,outside linebacker and even can kick into the inside linebacker position. He is fast can get after the ball but lacks pass rushing moves. He can be some help in the run game but he screams practice squad. If he makes the roster it will be because of his versatilely. Otherwise it’s just a best player the board pick and probably will not be an impact name unless he develop.





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