2k Corona Virus Power Rankings

1 76ers (RJ)

You’ve done it again RJ you’ve shown off your draft brilliance. Steph Curry is doing Curry things. Kyle Lowry an “All-Star point guard” is your 6th man. How many teams can say this exact claim? Jamal Murray is a great second option for Curry. You have another scoring option in Oladipo and a young big man in Bam Adebayo. To go along with good role players in Davis Bertans and Tim Hardway Jr. off the bench. Oh and don’t forget Boban and his John Wick skills. This team is deep and can shoot lights out. The 76ers have also suffocated the lights out of the Nets. They are the clear cut favorites in this league.


2 Jazz (Obrezzy and Mason )

The John Wall draft choice was brilliant. He and Giannis are an unlikely scoring duo.  Did I mention he has Giannis an MVP candidate leading his team? Oh did I mention he has another All-Star in Kris Middleton? Just like in real life he and Giannis chemistry are off the charts. Call it a big three in Utah. However, the rest of the starting lineup is solid with Kevin Love and Steven Adams making up a solid frontcourt. You worry about the bench for this team however I’ve been told benches “don’t matter” in playoff basketball.


3  Bulls (Justin)

The first two games the Bulls have run the Warriors out the building. 130+ plus points both games and winning by 49 I mean come on. Lebron and Kyrie are the best duo in the league. They combined for 85% of the scoring in this offense. You know Markelle Fultz should be tested for PEDs as well. This team is a championship contender.


4 Lakers (Jay)

When I think of this squad I think of the word spacing. Shooting is all over the floor lead by Klay Thompson and Bojan Bogdanovic. Nobody talks about Shai Gilgeous- Alexander play either at the point. He and Thompson are a great backcourt duo in leading this squad. The chemistry is off the charts with three players from the same college in Kentucky. Myles Turner is underrated off the bench. Despite Kevin Durant 52 points the Lakers offensive surge in the 4th quarter lead them to a game 2 dub. Expect this series to be over in four games and be ready for the next round.


5 (Clippers) (Gabe)

Anthony Davis is a leading MVP candidate… A quick question can anyone guard this man? I have to say I have my doubts on whether Russell Westbrook can be a championship point guard but so far so good on that end. Gabe thinks his squad is the best team in the league. Maybe defensive wise he is but he’s not the best team in the league yet… However, if Buddy Hield keeps holding it down at the two spot while being a  three-point assassin. To go along with Andre Drummond being a rebounding machine. Maybe up 3-0, the Clippers are on the verge of cracking the top four.


6  Spurs (Gus)


Lead by Paul George the Spurs is on a roll against the Heat. The Spurs have also gotten contributions from Zach LaVine and Jure Holiday in the backcourt. Spencer Dinwiddle is also a solid 6th man off the bench. Is nobody going to talk about how Nurkic got 23 points and 23 rebounds in game 2? The only question mark I see on this team is how you get Pascal Siakam going after struggling on offense in the first two games. Once Siakam gets it going watch out for this team.

7 Hawks (Stumpy) (no box score from game 3)

I have to say this is 100% the most surprising team in the league. This squad has a lot of heart coming back from double digits twice to come up on top 3-0. Chris Paul is playing great point guard play as Derrick Rose simply cannot guard him in this series.  Kawhi Leonard is the clutch 4th quarter bucket Stumpy needs to make a run for the championship. Blake Griffin is holding his own leading Stumpy’s frontcourt. Despite having the worst starting center in the league in Jonas Valanciunas. If CJ McCollum gets hot and Stumpy’s teams stop coming out slow in the first half-watch out for this squad. (Update Stumpy team came out and dominated game 3 goodnight, Patrick) .



8 Celtics (Steven)

Up 2-1 on the Rockets Luka Donic and Zion Williamson lead this group but who steps up outside of that?  If Steven wants some advice give  Fred Van Vleet as many mins as possible in the starting lineup. He’s the best 3rd scoring option you got. Luke Kennard is useless why he was getting 20+ plus mins in game 1 shows a lack of judgment on Steven’s part. Actually why did Steven even draft this man in the first place? Ayton at the five falls behind the other elite centers this league has to offer. Steven’s team is the definition of a middle pack team.



9 Rockets (Tony)

Locked in the most competitive first-round series against the Celtics.  Tony’s Rockets is another middle pack team. It’s a solid team on paper with Damien Lillard and Jimmy Butler leading the offense. However, it seems in Tony’s two losses a common theme is either Butler or Lillard struggled from the field.  Another common theme just like the actual Rockets in real life is a lot of three-point shooting. Only in the past two games, the Rockets have combined 8/38 from three-point range. That’s a horrible 21% and if Tony wants to win this series and break away from the middle pack. The Rockets will have to find a way to break out of its offensive slump.


10 Raptors (Jihad)

What’s this Jihad team not being a bottom two league in a fantasy league it’s a miracle! However, down 2-0 going after losing two games at home Jihad team is on the brink of collapsing. How on earth do you lose at home with Kevin Durant going off for 52 points at home? Oh that’s right Jihad’s own stubbornness in drafting and playing his boys down the stretch of games is why….. How dare you bench Demar DeRozen for Lonzo Ball in the 4th quarter. It’s almost like Jihad threw the kitchen sink in game 2 and still lost. That does not fare well as I predict an easy 4-0 sweep for the Lakers.


11 Nuggets (Patrick)

This is a team that lacks a closer late in games. Dominate for three quarters in both games only to see Stumpy come back in the fourth quarter and win both games. I question the mins Joel Embid is playing as late in the fourth quarter he’s out of gas and providing nothing. Derrick Rose cannot guard Chris Paul at all in this series. Eric Bledsoe needs to be playing 35+ plus minutes a game and LaMarcus Aldridge needs to get it going on offense plain and simple. This team needs a spark and needs it quickly as Stumpy Hawks have complete control of this series up 3-0.


12 Heat (Salil)

When I first looked at the rosters I though the Heat was a top-four team in this league and a championship contender. This team is an utter joke just like always Salil teams choke despite looking good on paper. Do you have to start wondering without RJ watching the moves he makes is he in Tucker Elbon land? A system player who is only good when he has a co-owner to watch his every move?  Either way the young scoring group of Ben Simmons, Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell is not connecting.  There’s little to no defense being played by this group. All this adds up to a first-round exit and the title of the most disappointing team in the league.


13 Wizards (Tucker)

Our first team in the bottom four is Tucker’s Wizards.  I just want it to be known once again any success Tucker Elbon has in fantasy or video games is a product of me. Without me is he just mediocre at best. Him letting me loose was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. I would never have approved taking James Harden and paring him with Fox. That duo simply will not work. You drafted a Harden over Anthony Davis. Andrew Wiggins at the 3 are you serious? Should I even get into the other role players on this team Nah? Terrible drafting equals a first-round exit for Tucker. Just be thankful there are three worst teams in this league


14 Knicks (Tyler)

It looked good on paper but this team is simply way too young to compete this year in this league. I’m shocked such a strong basketball mind in Tyler traded away Kyrie Irving to go so young. There’s not one-star veteran presence on this team and It reflects on the scoreboard. With three terrible losses in not even touching 100 points GG Scanlon.


15 Nets (Jack)

I admire you for trying but you’re simply outmatched by the 76ers. I came at your throat because I simply expected better and maybe it’s just not a good matchup for your Jack. However, I have to call it as I see it and your team just is not good enough.  Jokic is not playing up to his standards and Kemba is being outplayed. This equals being blown out all three games and being in the bottom four.


16 Warriors (Billy)

You are my best friend and a brother to me Billy but my god this team is horrible. The Warriors deserve better than this. I mean 49 point loss and giving up 130+ points in back to back games… You may have run into a buzzsaw that is the Bulls and Kyrie Irving and Lebron James.  However, I want to say I’d admired the fight you came out in game 3 to take it into OT and still lose but Trae Young isn’t at that level yet my guy.



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